Ally’s reviews Warrio by Nicole Blanchard 

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Sep 08 2015

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Title: Warrior 

Author: Nicole Blanchard 

Reviewer: Ally 



So, while this book did not blow me away, it was still a nice quick read for the weekend. This book had on of my favorite themes, the one where the little sister falls for her big brother’s best friend. There is a ton of drama and (at times a little too much) miscommunication, but all of this keeps you on your toes during the whole story! 
“Because I want you. I’ve wanted you for a long time. No one makes me feel the way you do. I saw you today, and I couldn’t let you leave again without seeing if you’re still as good of a kisser as you were at nineteen.”  
This book starts off with our hero Ben (I loove this name BTW) on leave during one of his assignments. He’s been invited to his best friend, Jack’s House, for one last get together, before Ben has to leave on tour again. What Ben was not counting on, was for Jack’s little sister Olivia to be there. Livvie, or Little Spitfire, as Jack so lovingly calls her, has also held a torch for him since she was 13 years old. Now as adults, they decide to have one weekend of passion before Ben is deployed. 
“Be with me for a while, Ben. Please.” I decide to give in, just once, just a little. Just one time. To have a memory that will last through the blood and loss. Loneliness and regret. One perfect night to help me make it through the next year of empty ones.”
What worked for me; I appreciated the straight forwardness of their relationship at the beginning. The author did a great job at making the couple have a dialogue of what exactly it was they expected of each other during their “fling”, so there was no, no-sense drama. They had a steamy fun filled weekend with no other promises other than, “I’ll see you, when I see you”, type thing. BUT of course my favorite thing happens when there is a night of passion and our couple forgets to use protection **SPOILER** (surprise pregnancy), and all of a sudden things drastically change for Livvie. While she debated what to do at first because she did not want to bother Ben while on duty, she eventually has to decide that after some emails to him go unanswered, she still writes to tell him whats happening. All the while, Ben was unable/unwilling to make contact with Livvie, because of his situation during combat. The author also did a great job at the beginning describing the combat zone Ben was at. While reading it, I could really picture everything going on. And lastly, along the lines of other relationships, I always enjoy the other family ties in a story. While our Hero & Heroine can make or break any story, I’m a strong believer in supporting cast members helping out or causing major damage. In this particular story both Ben and Livvie had awesome family and friends to help them out during tough times.
What didn’t work for me; Although this was a quick read, the story isn’t without a few lulls after the 60% mark. I think this was due to going from having great communication in the beginning to almost having none, so parts did drag. I didn’t like how much time was wasted between Ben and Livvie after he got back home. I mean we’re talking about months of being apart because of lack of communication. Thankfully, a family member sets everything straight. Another thing, this story hung its coat on it “being a brother’s best friend” romance, but we HARDLY had any interactions between the supposed best friends. I feel the story would have benefited from a deeper background story of all of them when they were younger. Maybe explaining why Livvie fell for Ben at the age of 13, and not just because of their initial meeting. I felt the drama in the book could have been toned down a bit more. I mean, there is mention of possible drug dealers, but those dealings aren’t really clarified or seem relevant. It seems like the “drug thing” was just thrown in there to make the drama sound scarier than it really was, I guess? Lastly, and probably, my biggest, gripe about the story, there is no mention of any PTSD counseling, even after Ben suffers an episode in front of Livvie.    
Overall, it was a nicely, edited (sans a few lulls) story with no glaring grammatical errors. And big props for another guilty pleasure of mine in this book, another couple! LOL While they weren’t part of the main story, I really liked hearing about Jack and Livvie’s best friend, Sophie. There love and hate, but mostly hate antics, had me wanting MORE! I know they were probably not meant to steal the show, but there were times where instead of Ben & Livvie, I wanted more of Jack & Sophie (sorry not sorry lol). I will definitely be reading the other books in this authors series!”
Arc received for an honest review. 

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