Book Review- Waking Up Blank by Sara Schoen 

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Aug 10 2015

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Title: Waking Up Blank 

Author: Sara Schoen 

Review Rating: 3.5 stars 


Chelsea and Maddie were best friends. After meeting at a young age, they were inseparable.

Until one day Chelsea woke up from a coma…and Maddie was dead.

Everyone is expecting answers but Chelsea can’t even remember her own name.

“A thought came to mind; I wanted to go home, but then I grew curious as to what was considered home. These people, these places, and memories they knew, was all a life that I didn’t remember.”

While trying to put together the pieces of what led up to the night her best friend was killed, the small town she calls home wants answers. Who better to point their finger at, then the one girl who was there to witness the crime?

“And I had to shower to get ready for bed, but there was a party of me that died that day. The part that thought everyone would believe I didn’t do it, the one that believed in others.”

After reading the premise of this book, I was sold. C’mon, a girl wakes up from a coma and doesn’t remember a thing? And she’s the prime suspect in a murder? Sign me up.

I guess I was waiting for the big “wow” and it never really happened. I kept waiting for the suspense to kick in, but in reality, I was just reading about a girl relearning how to tie her shoes and getting a “feeling that someone” was watching her.

((Insert side eye glance here))

That and Chelsea’s memory loss was a tad unbelievable. She had to relearn what a television was but she could remember words like simile and audacity? Skeptical. 

I wanted more from this. It got a little (ok, a lot) weird near the end and whenever I find unexpected genre jump, I’m disappointed.

Solid effort, but…eh.

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