Book Review -Closest Thing to Ok by Cristy Rey

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Aug 10 2015

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Title: Closest Thing to Ok

Author: Cristy Rey 

Rating: 3.5 stars 

 Sam DeCastro is not your average girl. A partied-out, college drop out with no real goals in life, she lives in the spare bedroom of her widowed older brother.


Taking care of the kids her brother can’t seem to notice. 

After losing his wife, Sam’s brother spiraled out of control. He got so caught up in work that he couldn’t care for his two young children and needed help. Desperate to get out from under her parent’s thumb, Sam stepped in as legal guardian for her niece and nephew. 

It’s been five years.

“Don’t make me choose. I’ll always pick them.”

Jake Turner works for the school and after a failed first attempt at a relationship with Sam, he’s not taking no for an answer. He wants to be in her life but needs to prove to her that she can have more than being a caregiver.

“Doomed to life of surrogacy, she could never truly have anything for herself. On the other was Jake, full of possibility but deserving of so much more than she could give.”


I was really torn on how I wanted to review this book. So I’m going to try something a little different:


The Good:

–Rey has a knack for the killer one liners. After finishing the book I went back to view my highlights and it was incredibly hard to pick just a few to use in terms of a review…straight for the heartstring jugular!


“Like an oversized jacket she’d inherited, the role never quite fit, even if it defined her.”


–Jake is an absolutely sweetheart, even when I just wanted to simultaneously shake the entire DeCastro family (Sam for being blind to his commitment, her brother for being such an ungrateful A-HOLE and her parents for supporting her brother in his gallivants, while not appreciating that Sam gave up her life to take care of these kids).


The Bad:

–While I loved the one liners, the actual narration of the story was really hard to follow. The point of view switched from Sam to Jake and not always at obvious spots (sometimes even mid-page). I caught myself having to re-read paragraphs just to clarify who the narrator was talking about.

–I think this book was mislabeled as a romance. Yes, it was a story about two people trying to find a way to love each other despite their situations, but this wasn’t so much a romance, as it was just a really sad story. I teared up! And that’s a lot coming from me.

“Like an oversized jacket she’d inherited, the role never quite fit, even if it defined her.”
All in all, had I known more about where this story would go, my expectations would have been a little different. If you need a good gut-wrench, or you just want to be angry at non-existent characters, this is the way to go.

Arc received for an honest review. 

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