Shannel 5 star Review -The Bargain by Lisa Cardiff

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Aug 06 2015

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Title: The Bargain (Vargas Cartel Series )

Author: Lisa Cardiff

Reviewer: Shannel

Rating: 5 Stars


Every predator has a secret weapon.

Lions hunt in packs, sharks can smell blood an ocean away…

Ryker Vargas has his charm.

Hattie Covington is nursing a broken heart on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Mexico. Following her best friends advice to find a rebound, she falls right into the arms of Ryker.

And right into a trap.

“After all, my dad was the Attorney General of the United States, which was a big deal. Interacting with the political elite was just another day on the playground for me, but none of them compared to this man. not even close. Power, control, and something intangible seeped from him in wicked abundance.”

After being drugged and kidnapped by who she thought was just a hot stranger, Hattie learns she’s the collateral in a deal to free Ryker’s brother…did I mention that dear ol’ dad is the head of the Vargas Cartel?

“I didn’t brush up against the masters of manipulation my entire life without learning more than i’d ever wanted to know about survival and deceit.”

I know what you’re thinking. Hot girl, falls in love with hot kidnapper.

Well, yea, you’d be thinking right…but it’s so much more!

It wasn’t one of those, “I’m so in love that he makes me talk stupid and forget my own name” type of romances. It was the, “ I absolutely hate that I like you and I want to simultaneously kiss and strangle you,” type of loves. And I absolutely loved it.

You absolutely want to hate hate Hattie’s situation. Loveless parents. A cheating arranged husband. A hot captor. You’re absolutely prepared to hate to love Ryker.

But what if the bad guys were really good guys doing bad things?

“Why don’t you let me decide what regrets I’m willing to live with.”

I was so prepared to predict how this story would turn out. I love that it didn’t! ((That last 5%??????)). Reading as much as I do, I sometimes find it hart to be surprised by twists and turns. This definitely was not the case! After finishing this first part, I almost had to walk away from kindle for a moment to absorb what the FRICK just happened.

I absolutely cannot wait to read the next installment!!

Book provided to Love2Rant Book Lovers for an honest review.

One comment on “Shannel 5 star Review -The Bargain by Lisa Cardiff”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to review my book.

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