Tammy Reviews Tempting Bad by M.Robinson

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I’ve come from a privileged life and an even more privileged upbringing. My parents taught me right from wrong and everything in between… except I wanted the gray area. I wanted to live life on the edge with the possibility of falling over. I didn’t care about the consequences because I had no heart…

I left that on the floor of my parents’ bedroom door, shattered.

And never went back to pick up the pieces.


Family first.

I learned the meaning of the word hate.

I learned that life is a battlefield and I stood frontline.

I learned that praying doesn’t work and God doesn’t listen.

And I learned how to be a man…

All at the receiving end of my father’s fists, my mother’s tears, and my sisters screams.

You can’t run away from your past…

It will always find you, especially when you’re asleep.

Warning: Book contains adult situations.

Sex/language. Mature readers only.






Do you like jaded, broken, smart, wonderful, kind, and delicious looking characters? You do? Well, let me tell you a little about Brooke & Devon and why you should immediately one-click Tempting BAD by M Robinson.

Brooke: damaged by one night of her childhood, a brick wall so thick it makes the Berlin Wall look like Lego blocks, afraid to face real feelings, a pampered princess, uses her body to “feel”and sustained a life style.

Devon: defeated as a child by a father that has a heavy fist, protected his mom and sisters as best he could, not worried about finding “the one” and has his bar to enjoy the benefits of.

Picture it, Miami, a stunning restaurant, a beautiful blonde with legs for days, a ripped virile man you want to drop your panties for, enter a couple that have been on a journey, dinner ensues, a night club happens, the two singles take a walk and it begins.

We see Brooke & Devon Temtping Bad. They are drawn to each other heavily and are not wanting to stop it. Words are not necessarily shared but they don’t have to be. It all there in the glances, kisses, hand swifts, and many more.

An old memory trigger brings Brooke to a break down. Luckily Devon was there to help.

Devon cares about his son and having “Bambi” around is making Devon’s heart slowly creep open. Then the meeting of the family at a party and to see his past and present collide was an interesting mix to the scene.
Both of them have a high level of chemistry and when near and sometimes even when not they are explosive. Tic-Tic-BOOM!

Brooke wants to dive in but is so unsure. After a talk with The Madam (b*tch) her confusion is answered in a nice little pow-wow with Madam.
The poor girl. So lost like Bambi not knowing what to do but what she does best.
A party of sorts ensue and dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn enter Devon.
It was a severe heart wrenching scene. Now I do not have water leak from my eyes often but M Robinson managed to make it happen.

Que all parties being miserable.

What to do? What to do?

Well for one Brooke gets what she wants from Madam, Muahahahah!
Has a sit down with mom and pops.
Has a better understand of what she saw those many moons ago.

Devon just works and works. Spends time with family and his son.

Momma Devon steps in and works some magic and does the magic work? Do we see our love jaded duo come back together?  Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe you should One-Click.

Only way you are going to see the ending is to read. And might I say the in between bits are glorious and there are some incredible saucy, scandalous, “now I wanna do that” – scenes.

So basically do yourself a favor and one-click this caliente read!

P.S. Have extra panties on standby.





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I was there, but I wasn’t.

I danced around in a sea of emptiness and longing, it moved around me easily, carelessly, harshly.

It was all and it was nothing.

It made me full and it made me empty.

It pleased me and it dismayed me.

I didn’t care. I was there to do a job. To be a VIP. I played my part beautifully, just as I always did. Letting myself get taken away on empty promises of nothing, but somehow seemed like everything. 


M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! 

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