Miri Reviews~ Pulling Her Trigger by Alexa Riley

Title: Pulling Her Trigger
Author: Alexa Riley
Rating: 5 Stars
“I’m Vincent. But I’ll answer to anything thats comes out of your mouth – God, Jesus, More, Please, again…whatever,”
DAMNNNNNNN!!!!! anyone looking for a steamy, panty melting, and a book that makes you horny!!! this is one you Need to read.
This is a short story full of dirty hot sex. I mean… do not read this while you’re at work. trust me DONT DO IT!
“Let’s see how much she likes my bid dick,”
I really enjoyed this book.. from the beginning this stars good.
Mackenzie and Vincent…. are meant for each other. I absolutely love how freaking alpha male Vincent was. The way he claimed, loved, and fucked those are some good ass qualities. their banter is hot and funny. Cas is used to having control but after meeting Vincent that goes out the window. I would totally let Vincent do anything he wants. damn hot Italians bastards.. ugh. I’m being hot mess here. READ THIS BOOK.
“I told you to enjoy the ride, Mackenzie. You going to give me face a workout or not?”
Reasons you should read this book:
1. Vincent
2. Vincent
3. Vincent
“I want to drink you in, devour you, and give you absolutely everything you could ask for. My sun rises and sets with you, Mackenzie.”

ARC received for an honest review.

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