Izzy & Miri Review Violent Things by Callie Hart

I need to wrap myself around you,” i whisper. I need you inside me.” i need you to hold onto me so tight i cant breathe.” I dont want to know you end and i start anymore.”

Miri: Mother of Christ!!! Callie Hart does it again. Zeth has ruined me completely.

I’m still not over Zeth fucking Mayfair… that man is absolutely amazing. He had me at the knife scene, at the first angry girl line, he had me at every damn chapter pretty much.

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Izzy: Girl me too!!!! After three or four years of reading these sort of books I met a lot of amazing men but none as amazing and mind blowing and breathtaking as Zeth mother fucking Mayfair. I NEEEED to be his Angry Girl for real. Literally no one and I mean no one compares to this man!!!!

Miri: Violent Things wow! I almost died when i got this book on my email. Shit, i was so damn excited i almost cried. My obsession with zeth goes beyond any other character I’ve ever read… yes i said that. lets get to the good part now

Izzy: I know I know Miri. I was shaking and screaming and was like THIS CANT BE REAL!!!! Anyway let’s move on

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Miri: violent things picks up where the last one ended. (make sure you read all those seriously, go get them NOW) We finally see Zeth in a new environment where he is trying to get used to. being Zeth Mayfair has its advantages and disadvantages… there are people that still follow Zeth and want something in return, while trying to protect Sloan Zeth doubts himself… but he knows he will forever protect that woman that made him feel Love. Trouble always seem to follow these two. Cant wait to see more of Sloan and zeth. #zethsangrygirl4life

“Being there for her to lean on will be my primary job from now on until the day i die.”

Izzy: Yeah trouble will always follow these two around, because we all know from the life Zeth used to lead it’s hard for trouble not to follow him!!!!! But what was amazing was no matttter what, Zeth would always protect Sloane at all costs. And can I take a minute to explain just how much I love Sloane. She really is the only woman that can handle Zeth but she can handle herself too. She’s a successful doctor and a fiery independent woman who will ALWAYS ALWAYS have Zeth’s back.

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Miri: i absolutely love Zeth, in this story he is a man trying to figure things out about himself and about the man he needs and wants to be for Sloan. I love how protective and rough he can be. I fucking love the way he still makes me anxious and horny. lol… seriously this man is one of a kind.. zeth can fuck you, claim you, destroy you, and love you at the same time. I love Sloan in this book more than ever. Sloane is loveable, loyal, fiesty, and a special kinda woman. A woman that makes a man life Zeth…. fall so deep and fast. The whole time i was pretending it was me ..lo not gonna lie. I will forever see pineapple in a different way from now on. Sloan and Zeth are perfect for each other.

“You want me to fuck you, angry girl? ‘cause I’m not opposed to the idea. And neither is my dick.”

Izzy: Zeth is different but the same. He is still alpha as fuck and he is still protective and the sex… Oh boy…. Is it normal that after a whole series of Zeth he can get hotter???!!! Sex on a cracker…. I mean he is indescribable. But what was different about him is he had a good woman to love, and so you saw that sweet side of him. I mean it peeked out of him in Blood and Roses but in Violent Things you defintley saw it more. And I am so so so happy that even though he has love Callie didn’t change his character into a pansy saying I love you every five minutes. He is still HIM, and you didn’t need words because every action he does for Sloane shows it!!!!

Miri: OMG! new character alert.

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Mason Reeves, he is young, loving, a fighter, a brother, a Damaged soul, and a fine mofo. My heart was breaking for this man. He makes me want to hug him tight and tell him everything will be OK. I cant wait to see more of him on the next book. Kaya, kaya, kaya.. she makes me smile. she seems just what Mason needs in his life. these two will break and mend my heart i already see it happening.

Izzy: OMG Mason. I ADORE Mason. My heart hurts for him reallllly bad. I mean his life is just a mess, and all you want is for things to get better for him. Him and his “little mouse” made me shed those tears hard. He is what you call a real hero!!! You know if he could give his sister the world he would. If those chapters don’t hurt you, damn you are made of ice. And Kaya omg Kaya…. We didn’t get too much of her but clearly we will see more of her. She made me smile literally from the second I met her. She’s the fun to Mason’s broody ness. This series already has a lot going on and I absolutely need more after that cliffy!!!!! Callie you are amazing and thank you for bringing Zeth to my life!!!!

Izzy& Mri: We need Michaels book AHHHHHHHHH!!

Miri: i cant fucking wait for more of this series. I FLOVE you Callie Hart.

ARC provided to Love2Rant Book Lovers for an honest Review. ~Miri~

ARC provided to MyBookWorld for an honest review ~Izzy~

Joint review by Izzy and Miri ❤

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