Book Review~ Priest by Sierra Simone 4.5 STARS

Title: Priest

Author: Sierra Simone

Review Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Miri






Ok, lets start on this is a taboo love story…
Actually, lets start with this is a priest here. i mean a motherfucking hot dirty talking priest!

“I am a priest and this is is my confession.”

Tyler Bell better known as Father Bell… is a priest, he is humble, sweet to his Flock, he is following God’s word… until Poppy comes along. Poppy is running away from a life she does not want, from a man who made her feel something then took it all away.. She wants to feel, she wants to be free, and she wants to love.

After meeting Poppy, Father Bell is curious and attracted to this woman who seems so lost and lonely. Father Bell tries to fight everything he is feeling towards Poppy.. he knows is wrong in the eye of the Archdiocese… deep inside he knows that he shouldn’t want her as a woman, but the attraction is so strong he decides to just have a “taste… a small taste just one time”


These two embark on hot passion filled need .. I don’t think I will look at a priest the same after this book. Ill be picturing all the places I could be anointed at. LOL While i read this book, i had so many feelings… mostly horny feelings. hahaha . I’m serious though… Their chemistry is crazy HOT. The way they talk to each other with so much more than simple words. Words that whisper.. NEED, LUST, WANT, and FUCKING!

IMG_4287 7236196
I know I really enjoyed this story… because I’m still thinking about Father Bell, and because i still need to go and hunt for a priest that will anoint the shit out of me. hahahah…aside from all the sexual chemistry and the amazing hot sex, and all the naughty and no they didn’t do it there places… this story has so much more than that. The fact that he is a man.. wanting a woman, a man needing a woman, a man deserving love, and a damaged man feeling lost. And Poppy losing herself and finding the woman she was mean to be. These two were damaged in different ways. One with tragedy while the other with rejection. This story is not just about the hot sex (of course that’s like a cherry on top) but a story of two people finding themselves and figuring out what they really want. i love the fact that the author wrote and kept a well mint pace. The way it progressed, their expericiens, facing their fears, talking freely, feeling happy, and most of all being themselves… without no judgement.. this is the reason i LOVE this story.



All im saying is You’ll want to be a Little Lamb by the end too.


Arc provide to Love2rantbklvrs for an honest review.

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