Afraid to Fly by SL Jennings~~ REVIEW

Title: Afraid to Fly

Author: SL Jennings

Rating: 4.5 Stars


This book was so damn heartbreaking and amazing to read.

So, we meet Dirty Dom in book 1 of Fear of Falling and i really loved them there. This is Dom’s story and this story is emotional and very inspirational.


As we know Dom is a manwhore and he is not afraid to tell you that he sleep around … ALOT!. But there is a vulnerability about Dom… the way he is, the way he loves, the way HE is.

Dominic Trevino has been living with darkness of his past. He holds so much emotional pain that it makes me teary right now. After seeing Kami settle down and in love… Dom finds himself wanting the same thing, but he knows that it will not happen to him… Dom has been on of the most emotional male characters I’ve read.

Raven, she’s guarded, damaged, and a good sister. She’s feisty and loving and she’s always looking out for her brother.

Dom and Raven’s first meet is not pretty… Dom finds himself intrigued with Raven… Raven on the other part wants nothing to do with Dom. Needed circumstances bring them together and everything starts falling piece by piece..


These two deserve so much love and I’m so happy they found each other. Dom being such a broken man and Raven being a fighter makes them a great couple.

“If  I  could  replace  every  hurt  you’ve  ever  felt,  I  would.  I   would  take  it  all  and  bottle  them  up  forever  so  you  would  never  suffer  again.  But   then  we  wouldn’t  be  standing  here.  I  wouldn’t  feel  for  you  the  way  that  I  do.  And  you   wouldn’t  be  looking  up  at  me  with  the  most  gorgeous  blue  eyes  I’ve  ever  seen.  So   while  I  would  erase  your  past  if  I  could,  I  want  to  keep  it  too.  Because  without  it,  we   would  never  have  this  present.  And  we’d  have  nothing  to  hope  for  in  the  future.”

Overall the story flowed very well, we see Dom opening up and wanting love.. something that he has been looking for and has never found it until now. I absolutely love these two. With courage Dom found his CRAZY.


I wound definitely recommend this series to everyone. The story is emotional and at times you can’t help but cry for these characters. Everything they have been through.. is very inspirational and amazing to see.

Arc provided for an honest review.

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