The Other Fighter Part 1: Uncaged (The Other Brother) Review!

Title: The Other Fighter Part 1: Uncaged ( The Other Brother)

Author: Lauren Hawkeye/ Tawny Stokes

Review Rating: 3 stars

Reviewer: Shannel


The Other Fighter
3 Stars

In The Other Fighter we meet the sweet and determined Zoe Mitchell. On the cusp of a new career and graduating college, she’s stuck between reaching for her own dreams and keeping her brother out of the trouble that always seems to find him.

And in waltzes Tristian Hemsworth.

Tough boy MMA fighter and gym owner, Tristian crosses paths with Zoe on one of her many brother rescue missions.

“And calling Tristian good-looking is like saying that Channing Tatum is passably attractive.”

Can it just mandated by the universe that all men with the last name Hemsworth need to be ridiculously hot? Yes? Perfect.

Their connection is instantaneous and so begins what is expected to be a roller coaster of sexual tension and shameless flirting.

But it kind of left me feeling…eh.

This is the first installment of a three part serial. I’m usually a fan of these, even though the cliffhangers mainly want me to chuck my kindle across the room. What I expected was a strong enough mystery ending to entice me to get excited for the second part, instead I was left with a partial build up that left me mildly ok with not finding out how the story resolves.

I feel as though this story might have done better as a stand alone novel, rather than being broken into pieces. I didn’t get a strong enough connection to either of the characters to really pique my interest, which is disappointing. On top of not really connecting to the characters, I feel like the synopsis was misleading. A lot of what is described to be the storyline, isn’t made clear in the actual body of the story. It may be more of a description of the entire series, rather than this first glance.

I’ll more than likely read parts two and three but it’s more for my OCD of leaving things finished, than getting to know Tristian and Zoe better.

ARC was provided for an honest review.

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