Dance for Me by J.C Valentine Review!

Title: Dance for Me

Author: J.C Valentine

Rating: 4 Stars




“You Feeling adventurous tonight, babe?”

AHHHHHHHHHHHH THE CLIFFY! I was warned but it was still bad. ugh!

Dance for me is a very mysterious, sexy, and crazy story. Josephene is a dancer who has grown up to fast. Josephine has experience loss yet she’s still a woman thats learning life. She has put herself through school and she’s willing to do anything to have the career she wants. While dancing she meets a mysterious, intimidating, and sexy man. This man offers her a sex no strings attached relationship… Joe cant say no him and she decides to play with fire.

“The only thing I’m afraid of is that i’ll loose control and shove my cock so far down your throat, you’ll choke on it.”

I really enjoyed this book. I think Joe is a younger woman trying to have a life, but not everything is easy specially when you’re the only one trying to take care of yourself. Joe puts up a front, but she is really broken girl… one that doubts, loves, and is struggling internally.

We all have ways to cope with loss and Joe found a way to cope with hers. I love the direction and the way the author took the story. It sucked me in until i was done and left with WTF just happened face.

I totally recommend this story is fresh, sexy, and you will not see it coming thats for sure.

Cant Wait for Book 2!!

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