~~ Book Review~~Love The Way You Lie by Skye Warren

Title: Love The Way You Lie (Stripped #1) 

Author: Skye Warren

Rating: 4 Stars

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I’ll do anything to get safe, even if that means working at the scariest club in town.

I’ll do anything to stay hidden, even if it means taking off my clothes for strangers.

I’ll do anything to be free. Except give him up. When he looks at me, I forget why I can’t have him. He’s beautiful and scarred. His body fits mine, filling the places where I’m hollow, rough where I am soft.

He’s the one man who wants to help me, but he has his own agenda. He has questions I can’t answer. What are you afraid of?

“Shh,” he soothes.
“I didn’t say anything,” I say
I feel his smile. “I heard you anyway, Honey. I always do. You don’t even have to say anything. You just have to feel, and I can hear it like a goddamn church bell.”

Love The Way You Lie is short dark romance novel. I really enjoyed this book… Honor is a mafioso daughter but she knows she not safe where she’s at, her fiancé aka crazy asshole is willing to hurt honor for a title he wants. Honor knows she not safe yet she feels trapped until she sees what they want to do with her sister. In order to protect her sister… Honor runs away with Clara.

It only takes one night for everything to come crashing down for Honor. While working at a stripper club…She meets Kip… he’s a mysterious and sexy man.Honor is intrigued by him and she feels attracted to Kip. Kip, is a curious, dangerous, and very hot SOB. He’s sexy, the way he speaks is sexy, what he wears is sexy , the way he carries himself sexy. pretty much everything.

“He tastes like danger and pleasure, like risk and reward.”

Kip and Honor develop a “strangers fucking situation” they are attracted to each other but Honor holds back, because she knows there is something about him she cannot trust. But the way he cares and touches her makes her questions everything she’s running away from. Will she ever be safe? Will she ever be happy?

“Its only a matter of time before I fall”
After Honor almost given in to be with Kip… Kip tells her the truth of who he is and what he’s doing with her. Everything she though she knew is out the window. all the lies and betrayal come back to hurt her more than she though.

As short stories go… you know everything happens so fast towards the end of the book. But overall a good short story.

Also, there is prequel book FREE so make you read it before starting this book.

I would recommend this story to those readers that are into short and hot reads.

Arc provide by the Author for an honest review.

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